How to send a Custom Reminders

We know that chasing receipts can be a slow and painful experience. To help Controllers with this task, we've developed a new 'Custom Reminders' feature.

This allows you to send a personalized message to your requesters with missing receipts.

To send a custom reminder: 

  • - Head over to [Payments > To Prepare]
  • - Select a payment with missing receipt(s)
  • - On the right hand-side, click on the [Send Reminder] button
  • - You can then personalize the message to be sent.
  • - When you're ready, click the [Send] button!


Custom Reminders



Here's a preview of what the message will look like:


Good to know:
  • - You'll notice that there is an indicator letting you know when the last reminder was sent.


  • - You can also send a test email to ensure that you're happy with the content of the message.
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