Setting up the Expenses Auto-categorization feature

The Auto-Categorization of expense accounts is a separate feature available for our customers who wish to save a great deal of time when validating payments at the end of the month. To enable it, please ask your Account Owner to get in touch with your dedicated customer success manager.

Setting up your Expense Accounts

Once the Auto-Categorization feature is enabled, you need to set up your own Expense Accounts:

  • - Log in to your Spendesk account
  • - [Settings > Accounting > Expense Accounts]
  • - From there, you should be able to set up your expense accounts.

Alternatively, you can share a list in CSV format containing all your existing expense accounts. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager can import it to your Spendesk account on your behalf.

From the accounting tab, you should be able to link your expense accounts to our payment categories.


Good to know: Assigning a supplier to a specific expense account

By default Spendesk is able to match and recommend one of your expense accounts to our payment categories. If you're dealing with a specific supplier that will always require a specific payment category that is different from the default, you may want to write a specific supplier rule:

  • - Head over to [Settings > Accounting > Expense account]
  • - Scroll down to the Suppliers section.
  • - From there, you should be able to match certain suppliers to specific expense accounts.

Don't create a supplier rule if multiple expense accounts can apply to your supplier. i.e. Buying groceries from Amazon.

Pro-Tip: Mapping several payment categories to one expense account

It is possible to map several expense accounts to one category

You will be able to choose the right expense account in a list of suggested recommendations, based on how you mapped your expenses accounts.


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