How to use your export from the Payments section

Welcome to the 3rd part of this series of articles about our custom exports feature. This section will help you switch to other templates you may have and use the export template you created during the previous step in the Payments section. Here are the other articles of this series:

How to switch to other export templates

The export template used by default is the Spendesk purchase journal. Once you've created your custom export template (or even multiple ones), simply tick the one you wish to use and it will replace the Spendesk purchase journal.


You can also remove one of your templates by clicking in the cross icon in the right section, and edit it if you want to make a few changes by clicking on the pen icon.

How to use your export template

Once you created your custom export template, you basically have nothing else to do! It will be automatically used in the following sections:

  • - Payments > all: when you export the payments by toggling them, your template will be used
  • - Payments > to export: same for this section, the payments you export from here will use your template
  • - Payments > exported: if you want to re-export some of your payments, they'll also use the export template that is selected in your [Settings > exports] page.

That's it for this tutorial! You should now be able to create a custom export base that fits your needs, either to match your accounting software or ERP's requirements, analytical or BI tools. If you encounter any issue when creating your template, contact us on

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