FAQ & Troubleshooting Xero errors

Check the status of your expense

After pushing your expenses to Xero, you'll be able to spot if an error occurred thanks to the warning icon (⚠️). The icon will appear next to the 'Exported' menu item:


Once in this tab, you'll see red warning message telling you that some expenses could not be pushed to Xero. You can click on the "Show only payments in error" link to focus on these:


You'll then see a list of all the expenses that could not be pushed. These will appear with a red border on the left hand side of the screen.

To see why an expense could not be pushed to Xero, simply click on an expense to view its details. From there, you can update the expense and push it again to Xero, ou can also decide to manually import it in Xero and mark it as 'accounted'.

Errors you may face

Here's a list of the possible error messages you may encounter:

"An authentication issue occurred" or "You've been disconnected from Xero"

It's very likely that you were disconnected from Xero when you pushed your expense. Please reconnect from the "Settings > accounting" page and then re-try to push your expense.


Your Xero integration is not fully set up

It seems like some settings information is missing. Please fill in all the details from the "Settings > accounting" page.


It seems that you are not authorized to update this payment in Xero

Your current Xero session apparently doesn't allow us to push your expense to Xero. Please authenticate using an appropriate Xero account.


Please select a valid VAT account to export your payment

It seems like you didn't specify a valid VAT account and amount for this expense. Please fill in the VAT details.


The VAT account XXX can't be used in Xero anymore

The VAT account chosen for this expense seems to be archived or removed in Xero. Please choose another VAT account or re-sync your accounts from the "Settings > accounting" page.


"The expense account XXX is not valid" or "The VAT account XXX can't be used in Xero anymore"

The expense account chosen for this expense is not valid or has been removed from your Xero account. You can either select another expense account from the selector, or re-sync your expense accounts from the "Settings > accounting" page


We can't push this payment to Xero because its period/year period is now locked

The payment seems to belong to a locked period in Xero. You need to un-lock this period to be able to push the expense. Alternatively, enter the expense manually in Xero and mark it as accounted.


Xero seems to be unavailable for the moment

We cannot reach Xero's servers for the moment. Try again to push the expense in a few minutes.


It seems that this payment has already been deleted in Xero

It seems like the expense you're trying to push has already been pushed and removed in Xero in the past. You should mark this payment as manually accounted.


This invoice is not editable anymore in Xero

This expense has already been marked as paid in Xero, it cannot be pushed or edited anymore.


Xero has temporarily blocked us for security reasons

Our access to your Xero account has been temporarily blocked for security reasons, as too many expenses have been pushed at the same time. Please wait for a few minutes before trying again.


The expense account and the VAT account you filled for this payment are not compatible in Xero

The chosen expense account and VAT account cannot be used together in Xero. Please choose another combination or verify your Xero chart of accounts.


There has been an unknown error trying to export this payment to Xero

We could not properly identify the error. Please reach out to us so we can investigate!


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