Step 1: Preparing expenses for Datev

This is a tutorial on how to use Spendesk along with Datev Unternehmen Online.

We've developed a solution to make it easy for you to download your Spendesk expenses and their receipts in a .ZIP archive. You can then import them automatically in Datev Unternehmen Online through Belegtransfer.

Here are the steps we will cover in this tutorial:

  • - Fill your Spendesk accounting settings
  • - Download the .ZIP archive from your Spendesk account

📝 Fill out your Spendesk accounting settings

In Spendesk, under the [Settings > Accounting] page, please make sure to fill in all the following accounts:

  • - General accounts
  • - Expense accounts, in SKR03 or SKR04 format
  • - VAT accounts

If these are not filled properly or don't match your Datev accounts, it's likely that the import process will fail. Furthermore, in order to be properly imported into Datev Unternehmen Online, you must ensure that the "expense account" and "VAT account" fields are filled out on all your Spendesk expenses.


💾 Download the .ZIP archive from your Spendesk account

From your Spendesk account, you can download your expenses from 2 different locations:

From the [Payments > to export] tab

  • - Simply click on the [Export] button located in the top-right hand corner of the page.

  • - Select your period

  • - Click on ["Download my payments" > XML]


From the [Payments > exported] tab

You can also re-export the expenses that have previously been exported:

  • - Within the [Payments > exported] tab,

  • - Select the expenses you want

  • - Click on ["Download my payments" > XML]:


Once you've clicked on one of these two options, it'll download a ZIP archive containing your expenses as XML files and their respective receipts. Do not unzip this file, Datev Belegtransfer will need the full archive!

Next Step:

Once you're done, you will need to Synchronise your expenses with Datev Belegtransfer. Learn how in this next article "Synchronising expenses with Datev Belegtransfer".

⚠️ Note:

If you don't see this .XML option, please get in touch with your Spendesk account manager, in order to activate it on your account.

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