Step 2: Synchronising expenses with Datev Belegtransfer

This is the second step of our tutorial to use Spendesk with Datev Unternehmen Online. Click here to see the previous article about Preparing expenses for Datev.

This next part covers:

  • - Installing and setting up Belegtransfer
  • - Importing the Spendesk .ZIP archive in Belegtransfer


📥 Install Belegtransfer

BelegTransfer is a free Datev module that can be used to easily sync expenses and receipts to Unternehmen Online.

  • - You can download Belegtransfer from here.
  • - Please ensure that you have the free Datev security package program installed as well.
  • - You will also be asked for your official Datev SmartCard USB stick.


⚙️ Setup Belegtransfer

Before transfering your Spendesk expenses, please follow these steps to setup Belegtransfer:

  • - Click on Verzeichnisse hinzufügen


  • - Choose a folder location to upload the XML files that will be loaded under the Basisverzeichnis section.

  • - Fill out the Berater and Mandant ID.

  • - Click on the button with an Arrow icon. Belegtransfer will list down the folders that are ready to be synced. Simply tick all checkboxes if they're not already checked.

  • - Finally, click on Übernehmen



📎 Import the Spendesk ZIP archive in Belegtransfer

The following steps are about importing the ZIP archive in Belegtransfer and transferring the detected entries back to Unternehmen Online.

  • - Please make sure to create a copy of this archive, just in case: in the next step, Datev will import and consume the .ZIP archive. You'll still be able to download these expenses from Spendesk again, though.

  • - Copy/paste the Spendesk ZIP archive into the ohne Belegtyp folder. This should have been automatically created by Belegtransfer under the folder you specified previously.

  • - Once you've pasted the archive into the target folder, simply click on [Daten senden]. This will synchronise your folder content with Unternehmen Online.


  • - Belegtransfer will then try to sync all the expenses from the .ZIP archive


  • - A success message will invite you to check the imported expenses in Unternehmen Online.


  • - This message only shows whether the ZIP has been transmitted to Unternehmen Online. You will have to check back under Unternehmen Online in the next part.

Next Step:

Now that you've synchronized your expenses, you can freely import your expenses into Datev. Learn how in the final article of this series: "Importing Spendesk expenses into Datev Unternehmen Online".

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