3. Configure Datev Belegtransfer

This is the #3 chapter of the tutorial on how to use Spendesk along with DATEV Unternehmen Online.

In this chapter, we will discover how to install and configure Datev Belegtransfer in order to properly import booking entries and receipts afterwards. This is a one-off step that you will only have to do once.

3.1 Install Belegransfer

DATEV BelegTransfer is a free module that is necessary to import booking entries and receipts into Unternehmen Online.

  • - You can download the latest version of Belegtransfer from here.

  • - Please ensure that you have the free DATEV security package program installed as well.

  • - You will also be asked for your official DATEV SmartCard USB stick to launch Belegtransfer.




3.2 Configure Belegtransfer

Before transfering your Spendesk expenses, please follow these steps to setup Belegtransfer


  1. Click on Verzeichnisse hinzufügen.
  2. Fill out the Berater and Mandant ID, click on the button with an Arrow icon. Belegtransfer will list down below the folders can be synced.
  3. Tick the ohne Belegtyp checkbox that should have been listed down after step #2.
  4. Choose the folder location in which you will upload the DATEV ZIP archives under the Basisverzeichnis section. You can pick whatever location that makes sense in your hard drive.
  5. Make sure the 'Verzeichnis enthält aus DATEV DMS...' checkbox is ticked.
  6. Finally, click on Übernehmen.
  7. DATEV will automatically create the folders checked in the list described in step #3, inside the main folder specified in step #4. The folder we're interested about is ohne Belegtyp, where you'll have to copy/paste the ZIP archives from Spendesk. We'll cover it in details in the next step.

Next Step:

Now that you've installed and set-up DATEV Belegtransfer, you can learn how to export your Spendesk expenses in a DATEV-compatible format in the next chapter of this series: "Download your expenses in Spendesk".

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