4. Download your expenses in Spendesk

This is the #4 chapter of the tutorial on how to use Spendesk along with DATEV Unternehmen Online.

In this chapter, we will discover how to download your expenses from Spendesk.

From your Spendesk account, you can download your expenses from 2 different locations:


 4.1 From the [Payments > Export] tab

  • - Go to the [Payments > Export] tab

  • - Select your period, which will be set to last month by default

  • - Select whether you want to include validated yet un-exported payments prior to the selected period in your export
  • - Select whether you want to include already exported payments from the selected period (thus to re-export them) in your export
  • - Click on ["Export as DATEV XML"]

  • - A popup will show up to inform you that a download link will be sent to your email inbox shortly. As you may try to export quite a lot of payments (and their receipts), it may take a couple of minutes to process the file. To avoid blocking you while doing so, we'll send you an email once it's ready.


If you wish to download a plain CSV (purchase journal) instead of using the DATEV XML export, you can click on the right-hand side of the 'Export as DATEV XML' button and select whether to download a CSV with or without receipts.



4.2 From the [Payments > Exported] tab

You can also re-export the expenses that have previously been exported:

  • - Within the [Payments > exported] tab,

  • - Select the expenses you want

  • - Click on ["Download my payments" > XML]:



Once you've clicked on one of these two options, a popup will inform you that a ZIP archive direct download link will be sent to your email address in a few minutes (indeed, it can take a bit of time to generate the archive, depending on the number of payments and the weight of their receipts).


For security reasons, the direct download link will remain valid for 30 minutes. After that you'll need to re-download your expenses from Spendesk to receive a fresh link.

Once you download this archive from the email's link, you can un-zip it. It will contain between 1 and X sub-ZIP archives (you'll find more information on that below), that you'll be able to upload to Belegtransfer. For optimal performances, we've indeed split the main archive into smaller ZIP files that Belegtransfer will be able to import more efficiently.


Next Step:

Now that you've downloaded your Spendesk expenses, you can learn how to import them in Belegtransfer in the next chapter of this series: "Import the Spendesk ZIP archives into Belegtransfer".

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