How to Review your Invoices

The Submit My Invoice module is a separate feature. To enable it, please ask your Administrator or Account Owner to get in touch with your dedicated customer success manager.

Here’s how to review and pay your suppliers’ invoices once your requesters have submitted them to Spendesk:

Reviewing Invoices

To mark an invoice as reviewed:

  • - Navigate to the [Invoices] tab,
  • - In the sub-menu, click on the [To Review] tab
  • - You should see a list of all invoices that need to be reviewed.
  • - From there, you can check any information about the invoice as well as the supplier.
  • - You can also create a new supplier from the [To Review] tab if needed. 
  • - When you’re done, you can click the “Mark as reviewed” button.
  • - Alternatively, you can directly "Reject" an invoice if needed.

Careful: once, your invoice is marked as reviewed, you cannot edit the global amount. You will only be able to edit the scheduled payments, description, invoice details and analytic information.

How to review invoices

Good to know:

If your requester somehow didn’t fill in the suppliers’ information, you will have to handle it manually, on their behalf:

  • - Simply head over to [Invoices > To Review]
  • - Select the related invoice
  • - In the central column, select the [Supplier] tab
  • - You can fill-in the information related to the supplier, including their legal name, address, bank details, etc.
Want to schedule multiple payments for an invoice?
  • - Navigate to the [Invoices] tab
  • - Under the [To Review] tab, select the corresponding invoice
  • - In the central column, under the "Payment Schedule" area, look for the small "Schedule a new payment" line.
  • - You should be able to set up the dates and amounts for your invoices.

To learn how to pay your suppliers' invoices, read our next article here.

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