Use XML SEPA to reimburse requesters

Our XML SEPA export allows Account owners and Controllers to reimburse multiple employees at once.

☝️If you are based in the European Union and haven't started using our XML SEPA export, let us know and our team will be happy to activate this on your account. 

Reimbursing several expenses at once

With our XML SEPA feature, you can easily prepare multiple expense reimbursements at once, for several employees.

Simply download the XML SEPA from Spendesk, import it on your bank's website, and the bank should be able to proceed with reimbursing your employees on your behalf :

  • - Head over Expense Claims > Reimburse.
  • - Choose the employees and expenses to reimburse.
  • - On the right-hand side, click on Download & Pay.
  • - You can edit the date at which to reimburse the expense if needed.
  • - You should be able to upload the XML SEPA file on your bank's website.

After downloading the file from Spendesk, your expenses move to the Payments tab. From there, you can easily bookkeep them like the rest of your Spendesk payments. You can always find previously reimbursed expenses under Expense Claims > History.

⚠️ Once the Requester's bank details are added to Spendesk, only the Account owner and the Controller can edit them if needed. 


Quick video overview :


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