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If you are the Account Owner, click on "Settings">"Notifications".


1⃣ Then you only have to click on "Link to Slack" 👌


2⃣ A pop-up will display on the platform for your teammates inviting them to link their own Slack account to their Spendesk profile 🤗


The Spendesk <> Slack integration includes:

- As an Approver, receive a notification when a requester creates a new purchase request.
- As a Requester, receive a notification when your request has been approved or denied.
- As a Controller, send manual receipt reminders to your users
- As a Team Manager, Controller or AO, open Slack DM from a payment to discuss about it with the user directly
- Automatic weekly reminders sent to the slackbot channel with @ to all the people who haven't uploaded all their receipts


If you are a requester, the steps to activate the feature are the same but first, you'll have to ask the Spendesk account owner to link your company's slack account to Spendesk :)


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