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Integrating Spendesk with Slack

Our Slack integration includes:

  • - As an Approver, you can receive notifications when a requester creates a new purchase request.
  • - As a Requester, you can receive notifications when your request has been approved or denied.
  • - As a Controller, you can send manual receipt reminders to your users from Slack
  • - As a Team Manager, Controller or Account Owner, you can open Direct Messages from a payment to discuss it directly with the user.
  • - You can also set up weekly automatic reminders sent to via the Spendesk Slackbot, to remind anyone who hasn't uploaded their receipts to do so. 


How to set up the Slack integration

For Account Owners:

  • Head over to ["Settings">"Notifications"].
  • Click on ["Link to Slack"]
  • A pop-up will display on the platform for your teammates, to invite them to link their own Slack accounts to their Spendesk profile.


For Requesters: 

If you are a requester, make sure the Account Owner has activated the Slack integration first, and then navigate to your profile (in the top-right hand corner on the interface.)


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