What are the different status of a transfer?

This feature is only available for Standard plans. Contact your Customer Success manager to give it a try.

When you schedule reimbursements directly from Spendesk, you can follow their states from the Expense Claims > History tab.

  • - Waiting for confirmation: the Controller planned the transfer and he is waiting for the Account owner's approval. 
  • - Pending: the Account owner has approved the transfer and it will be executed on the execution date.
  • - Processing: our banking partner is executing the transfer. 
  • - Paid: your employee has received the reimbursement on his/her bank account.
  • - Cancelled: the Account owner or the Controller cancelled the transfer. The related expense claims are back to the "Schedule reimbursements" step.
  • - Denied: the Account owner denied the transfer. The related expense claims are rejected and requesters are notified.
  • - Failed: our banking partner can't authorise the reimbursement either because of a lack of funds on your account or because of wrong bank details.
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