Review and reimburse expense claims

This article is written with "Account Owners" and "Controllers" in mind.


Here's how Spendesk can help you manage expense claims:

  1. An employee can declare an expense claim and submit it on the platform
  2. Managers & Finance teams can approve or reject the claim (see this article to learn how)
  3. Verify and validate the claims by the accounting & finance teams
  4. Exporting a .CSV/.XML file to reimburse employees in batches
  5. Preparing the accounting process
  6. Accounting Export (see this article)

In this article, we will review steps 3-4.

Verify and validate the claims by the accounting & finance teams:

When a manager approves an expense claims request, it appears under the [Expense Claims > Review] tab. Accounting and Finance teams can review all related information prior to reimbursing the claim.

[⚠️ This section is available to Account Owners and Controllers.]

All expense claims waiting to be reimbursed are in the Review tab. From this tab, controllers can easily validate or reject claims, and even handle multiple expense claims at once.

Exporting a .CSV/.XML file to reimburse employees in batches:

Once Expense Claims are marked as reviewed, they move to the [Expense Claims > Reimburse] tab. From this tab, controllers can export a .CSV or XML/SEPA file. From there, you should be able to share this file with your bank, to proceed with reimbursing employees.

When you export the list of expense claims to be reimbursed by your bank, they are automatically marked as 'paid' in Spendesk. However, you can always keep a trace of the expenses that were previously paid by navigating to the History tab. This tab contains all details of previously reimbursed expenses.

Reimbursed expense claims will then move over to the Payments section, with the rest of your Spendesk payments. (To learn more about this, check out the following article).

☝️Very soon, we will be able to reimburse employees directly FROM your Spendesk wallet! Let us know if you'd like to test this feature in Beta !


 Quick video overview :

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