Include expense claims in your accounting process

Expense claims work pretty much the same way as a traditional payments on Spendesk, so no need to worry :)

Following the manager's approval who was able to edit the amount to be reimbursed - see dedicated article - the approved expense claim will be displayed in your "Payments" tab > "To reimburse" section.

1️⃣ "Payments" tab > "To reimbursed"

The "To reimburse" section, only accessible by the "Account Owner" or "Controllers", allows them to control and edit the amount to be reimbursed on each approved expense claim.

This section offers a global overview on pending expense claims awaiting a reimbursement. By ticking the boxes located on each line, download a recap of your employees' expenses.


☝️Reimbursing employees cannot yet be done via your Spendesk wallet. We are working on it! In the meantime, use the recap of your employees' expenses and proceed with the transfer from your usual bank account.

If expense claims' information seem correct, click on "Marks as reimbursed" so that related expense claims are recognized as payments in Spendesk and can be integrated into the "Payment Inbox" flow.

2️⃣ "Payments" tab > "To validate"

All the expense claims that were "Marks as reimbursed" are now being displayed in the "To validate" section of "Payment Inbox" feature.

👉 Keep on using the "Payment Inbox" to validate payments' information then export it in a .csv file !


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