This is the #6 and final chapter of the tutorial on how to use Spendesk along with Datev Unternehmen Online.

In this chapter, we will discover what to do in case something went wrong during the import process in Datev Belegtransfer or Unternehmen Online.

  • - Step #1: Configure your accounting settings in Spendesk
  • - Step #2: Enable the DATEV feature on your Spendesk account
  • - Step #3: Configure DATEV Belegtransfer
  • - Step #4: Download your expenses in Spendesk
  • - Step #5: Import the Spendesk ZIP archives into Belegtransfer
  • - Step #6: Check the booking entries in Unternehmen Online
  • Troubleshooting

Please make sure to watch our video on how to use the feature from end-to-end. Most of the issues that have been seen as of today are due to an incomplete set-up:

If your Spendesk expenses couldn't be exported to Unternehmen Online using this process, here's what you can do:

  • - Click on the Documents menu item on the panel on the left hand-side. This will open a new page.


  • - You can verify that all your expenses have been properly pushed to Unternehmen Online by clicking on the Protokolle button on the right hand-side navigation:


  • - When the popup window opens, click on the Import subsection, and then on the Importprotokoll anzeigen button


  • - Select the appropriate period, then click on [Anzeigen]:


  • - Finally, you should see a table listing all the expenses that have been imported for this period, including their status after the import: 


Under the 'Status Import' column, here are the 3 different statuses you could encounter:

  • - ✅ A green checkmark means that everything went well during the ZIP import
  • - ❓A yellow question mark means that something non-blocking happened, but it didn't prevent the expenses from being imported
  • - ❌A red cross means that the .ZIP archive could not be processed due to a critical error. Please get back to us if this happens! You can click in the blue "i" icon on the left to see the details of the error and download it as a PDF that you can forward to us.
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