5. Import the Spendesk ZIP archives into Belegtransfer

This is the #5 chapter of the tutorial on how to use Spendesk along with DATEV Unternehmen Online.

In this chapter, we will discover how to import the previously exported Spendesk ZIP archives into Datev Belegtransfer and transfer them back to Unternehmen Online.

The following steps are about importing the ZIP archive in Belegtransfer and transferring the detected entries back to Unternehmen Online.

  • -💡Once you have downloaded the DATEV ZIP archive from Spendesk (ex. a67jy9sx2.zip), you'll have to un-zip it. Inside this main archive, there will be between 1 and X sub ZIP archives (respectively called part_1.zip, part_2.zip, part_x.zip). We split the exported payments into multiple sub ZIPs to comply with DATEV's technical requirements and improve the overall performance.


  • - Copy/paste these part_x ZIP archives into the ohne Belegtyp folder that was created during the previous step. Indeed, this folder should have been automatically created by Belegtransfer during step #3.

  • - Once you pasted the ZIP archives into the target folder, simply click on the 'Daten senden' button. This will synchronise your folder content with Unternehmen Online.


  • - Belegtransfer will then sync all the expenses from the .ZIP archives. Depending on the number of booking entries and their receipts' size, it may take a few minutes. 


  • - DATEV will show a popup if the ZIP has been correctly transmitted to Unternehmen Online.


  • - Click on the 'Unternehmen Online' button in Belegtransfer to automatically open it in your default browser.


Next Step:

Now that you've imported your Spendesk expenses into DATEV Belegtransfer, you can learn how to check them in DATEV Unternehmen Online in the next chapter of this series: "Check the booking entries in Unternehmen Online".

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