Answer to an expense request

If your teammates have submitted an expense on Spendesk, you can, as an Approver, accept or deny this expense. 

Expenses to be reviewed will be displayed in the "Requests" tab with a "Pending" status:

  • Select the expense you'd like to review by clicking on it

  • Review all the information provided and if needed, amend the description and/or analytics (if eligible)

  • You can review the amount to be reimbursed by clicking on "Edit amount to reimburse"

You'll then be able to:

  • Accept the expense by clicking on "Approve Request" ✅

  • Decline it by clicking on "Deny Request" ❌. You'll be able to provide a reason for this denial. A weekly email will be sent to the member who submitted the expense, notifying him/her of her/his expense status.

You'll be notified each Monday about the pending expenses you need to review! 

📱Don't forget you can use the Spendesk mobile app to accept or deny expenses on the go!

☝️Reimbursing employees cannot yet be done via your Spendesk wallet. We are working on it! In the meantime, you can download a recap of your employees' expenses and proceed with the transfer from your usual bank account. 

As an approver, you cannot accept your own expense. Another approver from the team will be  notified and approve or not the expense.

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