Submit an expense claim

✍️ You can submit expense claims on Spendesk if the feature is activated on your company's account.

To do so:

  • In the "Requests" tab, click on "New Requests" > "Submit a new expense".

  • Then, download your receipt by clicking on "Select the receipt" then fill the information related to your expense, which includes: 
    • Date of your expense
    • Amount and currency
    • Team (if eligible) 
    • Supplier 
    • Expense description 
    • Payment method (cash, card, other)
    • Analytics (if eligible)
  • Once filled in, click on "confirm my expense". That's it! 🎉

Your expense claims should now be displayed in the "Requests" tab under a "Pending" status awaiting for your manager's approval or denial. 

You will be notified each week via email about the status of your expense(s). You will know if your expense was approved/denied and/or reimbursed.

📱Don't forget to use the Spendesk mobile app to submit expense in just one click! Simply take a picture of your receipt with your smartphone and upload it via the Spendesk mobile application.

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