Opening a Spendesk account for my company 

You are a company

You want to offer the Spendesk solution to your company but you don't know how? 

A single click is all it takes to schedule a demo with our team.

If you are: 

  • - Director of a company 
  • - Corporate officer of the company
  • - Holder of a delegation of authority

You can submit your application directly to our compliance team via this link.

Some documents, such as your valid Kbis extract or a copy of your director's identity document, may be requested during the process of opening your new account.

You are an association

As for companies, it is also possible to open a Spendesk account to manage your association's expenses. 

Given your associative nature, you will be required to submit some additional documents such as your articles of association, your most recent Minutes, the list of your directors...

You are a company in the process of being registered 

As a company in the process of registration, you can also open a Spendesk account, but you may be subject to the regulatory spending limit of €10,000 until you are fully registered.

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