Strong authentication at Spendesk

The European Directive on payment services in the internal market, or PSD2, is entered into force on 14 September 2019 (but the French regulator has given the parties concerned 18 months to implement it). 

The purpose of this regulation will be to strengthen the level of payment security and to protect consumers by imposing strong authentication procedures for account access and payment transactions.

Strong authentication in the sense of PSD2 involves verification at each account access and transaction level, using at least two of the following means:

  • - a password or code that only the user knows
  • - a device (mobile phone, smart card, etc.) that only the user has
  • - a personal characteristic of the customer (fingerprint, voice or facial recognition,...)

At Spendesk, we have opted for:

  • - Access to your secure account by password + 3-D Secure verification
  • - A 3-D Secure verification, a secure protocol, of each of your online payments. 
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