Export your validated payments

In a few clicks, prepare and validate your payments to export them to your accounting software. This export feature doesn’t concern our Xero users as we offer a native integration for this accounting tool.

This tutorial has two parts:

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Well done, you've reviewed and validated all your company's transactions! Let's export them to your accounting software.

Export your validated payments

As soon as you are ready to export the validated payments, click on the “Export” tab.

From there, you can edit two sections:

  • - the period to be exported;
  • - the content of your export.

If you wish to change the range date, click on "edit" and choose your customized export period.


Regarding the content of your export: click on "view" to get the full list of payments.

☝️If a payment appears to be wrong, you won't be able to edit it from the "Export" tab. Just click on "Send back to Prepare" button. Then make the necessary changes in the "Prepare" tab.

You can also include in your export:

  • - expenses validated before the selected period, yet not imported;
  • - expenses already exported.

The exported file contains three elements:

  • - A bank journal in .csv format with all the incoming and outgoing transactions, validated or not, for the selected period.
  • - A purchase journal in .csv format containing all validated transactions that you choose to export, for the selected period.
  • - If you wish, every receipt matching its payment.

☝️ From the "Settings" > "Your account" tab, you can only download the account statement.

Once you've downloaded your export, all payments are now available in the "Exported" tab.

🤓It is possible to export payments without invoices. If an invoice is therefore attached to one or more already exported payments, a blue message appears at the top of the 'Export' tab to notify you of this change, and you get a real-time update.


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