Export validated payments

Master the "Payment Inbox" in a few clicks thanks to:

Once you have validated your payments, click on the tab "To export" in order to check and export validated payments.

Check validated payments
The information about validated payments is frozen, this way you can make sure no information is changed after you have validated them.
📝 Should you need to make changes to an already validated payment, no worries, simply hover above the "validated" button and click on "undo" to unfreeze the information. The payment will then move back to the tab "To validate".
Export validated payments
Once you are ready to export your validated payments (either to Xero, if you have enabled the integration, or to .csv so you can then upload it to your own accounting software), simply click on the "Export" button in the top right corner of the page.
From the pop up, select the period (Last month or Custom period) you wish to bookkeep. The exported file contains the following:
  • A bank journal in .csv which includes every transactions from the selected period, validated or not.
  • A purchase journal in .csv which includes all the validated transactions you chose to export, from the selected period.
  • If selected, all the receipt files related to the payments from the purchase journal
☝️ Please note that from "Your wallet" tab, you can now only download the bank journal.
All the exported payments are displayed in the tab "Exported" for your knowledge. 

Coming: custom export format are on their way!
🤓 You can validate and export payments with missing receipts. Once the receipt has been uploaded, a number will be displayed next to the tab "Exported" to notify you so that you can follow-up in real-time any updates.
You're now ready to roll 🚀
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