Step 3: Exporting payments to Xero

Pushing your expenses

To push your Spendesk expenses, head over on [Payments > to export]. From this page, you should see all the expenses (payments, refunds, expense claims) that need to be accounted.

There are two options for you: 

  1. Pushing expenses one by one,
  2. or pushing expenses in bulk.

Pushing expenses one by one

If you only have a handful on expenses to push to Xero, you can manually click on the "Push to Xero" button:


  • - The expense will then move to the [Payments > exported] section.
  • - From the central panel offering you more information, you can click on the "[...] is complete in Xero" link.
  • - This opens a new tab with more information related to the Xero invoice related to this expense.

If you've made a mistake, you can also delete it from Xero.


If any error occurred, please refer to the [Troubleshooting and error messages] section of this tutorial.

Push expenses in bulk

If you're doing your monthly / quarterly / annual accounting closure, you may have hundreds of expenses to review, validate, and push to Xero.

  • You can push them to Xero in bulk by clicking on the "Export" button in the top-right hand corner of the [Payments > to export] page:


  • - Once you click on the Export button, you should see a popup form to select the timeframe of your choosing: the previous month, or from a custom period.
  • - Then, click on the "Push to Xero" button in the center of the modal:


Similar to pushing one expense at a time, all the expenses from the selected period will then move from to the [Payments > exported] section.

That's it for now. The next article in this series is all about our [Troubleshooting tips] and the common errors you might encounter.

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