Export payments to Xero

Exporting Payments

To export your payments from Spendesk to Xero:

  • - From ["Payments" > "To Validate"],
  • - Validate your payments.
  • - Head over to the ["To Export"] tab.
  • - Select your validated payments
  • - Click on ["Push to Xero"]

Please avoid pushing too many payments at once, typically no more than 10. It is best to push them one by one.

Payment Status

After the export, you should be able to see the status of each payment (with a direct link to Xero):

  1. If a payment was successfully pushed to Xero, then at the top of the panel payment you will see the message "The payment is complete on Xero" with a direct link to it🎉.
  2. If a payment was pushed to Xero as a draft bill (e.g. no receipt), you will see a clear message explaining that a receipt was missing. You should have a link to "Update this payment in Xero" in order to create a finalized "account transaction" directly.
  3. If, something went wrong while trying topush payments to Xero (e.g. incomplete information), then these payments will be shown with a warning icon (⚠️) in the listing. The message at the top of each payment panel will read "Something went wrong when exporting this payment to Xero. Please check that the payment is complete and try again". In this case, you should have a direct link enabling you to manually "Re-export this payment".

🚨 If a payment has failed, or if it was pushed as a draft bill, you can either:

  • - Complete the payments missing information in Spendesk (Under the ["Accounting"] tab or under the ["Payments" > "Exported"] tab) then click on ["Update to Xero"].
  • - Alternatively, you can fill-in the missing information directlyinside Xero. You will have to manually edit or add the payment in Xero before clicking on ["Mark it as Complete"] in Spendesk. This will not create any duplicates. See the video below for more details.

Good to know

✨If you need to delete a payment from Xero that was recently exported from Spendesk, you can do it directly from our platform. Simply click on ["Delete from Xero"], confirm the action from the popup, and the related payment should be back in the ["To Export"] tab for you to amend or export correctly again.


🤓 If you require more help to manually add a payment in Xero from the "draft" or "awaiting payment"section, have a look at our video:

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