Using Spendesk for Travel Bookings

Here are some useful tips to better manage all your travel bookings with Spendesk:

Do I need to present the card used to make the payment? 

If you've:

  • - paid for a hotel room;
  • - bought a train or plane ticket.

Then, yes, you may need to present the card used to make the payment.

🤓If you use a single-use payment card:

  • - choose an 'e-ticket' or forward your ticket by email;
  • - contact your booking agency/airline company/hotel ahead of time and confirm that you won't need to present your card on your travel day.

👉If you need to show the card, go to Payments > Select your payment > Card info.

🤓If you chose to use your Spendesk plastic card, just present it when you're asked to.

Do I need the card to be valid at the time of service?

Some suppliers require your card to still be valid after your trip to charge it if some extras apply. Our single-use cards are only valid 30 days: if you are travelling for more than one month after your booking, your card will no longer be valid and cannot be charged. It means your payment can be declined.

👉Instead, use a recurring payments card

How to deal with suppliers charging cards multiple times? 

Some suppliers may charge your card(s) multiple times until the purchase is completed (e.g. first, at the time of the booking, and then once again after the booking has been made etc.). This may happen for specific suppliers such as Apple, marketplaces such as Amazon, or any other comparison shopping websites using multiple subcontractors. In this specific case, we also recommend making the payment with a recurring card, rather than a single-use.

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