How to use Spendesk mobile app to complete my purchase ?

Once you've downloaded the Spendesk app on your smartphone, you can easily use the app to monitor your usage, and upload your receipts on the go!

How to use the Spendesk app:

  • - After completing your purchase, the transaction will appear in your app under the [Inbox] tab
  • - Tap on the related transaction and fill in the details.

The missing information associated with your payment may include:

    • - the supplier's name
    • - a description of your purchase
    • - the category of your payment
    • - the team
    • - and more...

Attaching an invoice

To attach an invoice to an existing payment:

  • - Tap on ["Add an Invoice"].

You should get the option to upload your receipt by:

  • - Taking a picture of your receipt
  • - Or uploading a receipt directly from your phone, using the file picker. This may require that you download the PDF from a confirmation email, for example.
  • - Once you're done, the icon next to your payment should switch from red to green.
  • - After filling the necessary information, the transaction should disappear from the ["Inbox"] tab and move over to the ["Payments"] tab.
More information:

You can find all your payments in the ["Payments"] tab across both the mobile app and the Spendesk website.

Add your information:

Be aware that as long as all transactions' information isn't fully completed, related payments will stay in the "Inbox" tab of your mobile app.

The mobile app lets you declare expense claims if the feature is activated on your account.

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