How do I use the Spendesk mobile app?

After completing your purchase:

The transaction will appear in your app's "Home" under "My tasks". Tap on the related transaction and fill in the details. Whether you've spent with your Spendesk card or made an expense claim:

The required information associated with your payment will include:

    • - Receipt of your purchase
    • - Supplier's name
    • - Team
    • - Description of your purchase
    • - Custom fields your company chose (for example: analytical code such as "Tools and team supplies"), VAT rates, etc.
    • - Name (the spender)

Some fields will be automatically filled thanks to OCR technology, the ones missing will be shown with a little orange warning icon. 

Providing your receipt

The beauty of this app is that it's connected to the Spendesk platform, which means each receipt you will attach at the time of purchase will mean less admin work when you'll be back to the office. There are different ways to provide receipts depending on the method of payment you used.

If you paid using your Spendesk card, go to "Home", under My tasks you will see the payment you just made, tap on it. And then directly tap the " + " button, it will directly enable your mobile phone's camera so you can capture your receipt and let the automatic crop feature do its' magic.

Once you are satisfied with the picture, simply tap on continue and it will automatically store it in Spendesk. 

If for some reason you can't provide the receipt, you can declare the receipt lost or provide another reason to your finance team and tap on "save".

To submit an expense claim, tap on "Home", tap on the " + " button and tap "expense claim', and from this point capture your receipt and proceed in filling the transaction information.


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