About Plastic Cards and Spending Policies

Account administrators (Account Owner or Administrator) have set up your spending policy. You can find the one that applies to you in your profile settings.

This spending policy applies to both virtual cards and plastic ones.


Here is how the spending policy applies to a plastic card:

For example, if a requester has spending policy of 50€ per transaction and 500€ per month.

They own a plastic card with a 3000€ monthly budget that was previously approved by an account administrator.

If the card's monthly budget was used entirely before the end of the month and/or if the member needs to spend more than the predefined budget to make a specific purchase, then they can ask for a top-up.

In this specific case, here's how their spending policy applies: if the top-up request is below €50 then it'll be automatically approved, otherwise the top-up request will need to be approved by a manager. The same thing applies to the monthly budget limitation: the requester will be able to make a maximum of ten top-ups of 50€ without any validation. Any top-up request above the monthly limit will require a manager's approval.

Keep in mind:

If a monthly budget wasn't set-up by an account administrator on your plastic card, don't worry, it means that you can use your plastic card doing only top-ups.

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