Edit and validate payments

The Payment Inbox feature helps you review and bookkeep all your payments in a few clicks.  
Start by editing and validating payments
The tab "To validate" displays all payments you'll have to review and validate.
When a new payment is made, you will be able to view it, check that the information provided is correct (supplier, rate and type of VAT, type of payment, analytical code ...) and edit it if necessary.
  • The invoice icon appears in green if the user has correctly attached their receipt
    The icon appears in grey if the payer has declared his/her receipt as lost
  • The red icon appears if the invoice is missing
  • ✉️ To remind the user to attach their receipt or to mark a payment as unread, simply click on the "..." button
You can select payments in bulk and edit their information in one go. Wondering how to do this? Check out the video below: 
If you are happy with the information on a payment, you can click on "Validate". You can also bulk select payments and validate them in one click. Validated payments are displayed in the next tab: "To export". 
🤓 Check out "How to review and bookkeep all your payments: "Payment Inbox" (2/2)" to understand how to export validated payments.
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