Edit and validate payments

The Payment Inbox feature helps you review and bookkeep all your payments in a few clicks.
  • - As a Controller, login to Spendesk and head over to your ["Payments"] tab.
  • - In the sub-menu, select ["To Validate"].
  • - This tab displays all payments you'll have to review and validate.
Whenever there are new payments for you to review, they will appear here.
From the payment inbox, you can easily check that the information provided is correct (supplier, rate and type of VAT, type of payment, analytical code ...) and edit the information, if necessary.
  • - If you are happy with the information on a payment, you can click on "Validate".
  • - You can also bulk select payments and validate them in one click.
  • - All Validated payments will be moved over to the next tab: ["To export"].

About the Invoice Icon

  • - The invoice icon is green if the requester has correctly attached their receipt. 
  • - The invoice icon is orange if the requester has declared his/her receipt as lost.
  • - The invoice icon is red if the invoice is currently missing.

Additional actions

When looking at a payment, you can click on the '...' button to:

  • - remind the requester to add their receipt.
  • - mark a payment as unread so you can get back to it later.
  • - If you mark a payment as invalid, we’ll automatically send an email to the requester with some tips regarding what a valid receipt is.

You can also select multiple payments and edit their information in just a few clicks.

Check out our explainer video below to learn more:

🤓 If you'd like to learn more about how to export validated payments, please visit the related article here.

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