Understand my wallet details

If you're an Account Owner or Controller you can visualise your Spendesk wallet which is organized according to three sub-sections:  

  • "Loaded on cards" : which corresponds to amounts blocked (not yet spent) on prepaid cards. The total "loaded on cards" amount encompasses: 
    • Budget of subscriptions cards (Subscriptions tab)
    • Budget of plastic cards (Cards tab)
    • Approved requests (Requests tab) when the requester already clicked on "get card" (amount blocked/loaded on card which hasn't yet been spent).
      For example: if a member makes a request of £1,000, clicks on 'get card' and does not use this card in the end, £1,000 are loaded on a virtual card during one month - the validity of the card.
      🤓If the request will never be used, you need to manually delete the unused request.
      ☝️In the requests' tab, not all requests "block" money of your wallet, only those for which the members have clicked on 'get card'.
  • "Pending transactions" : which corresponds to amounts being processed by the merchant once a requester used his/her virtual/plastic cards to make a purchase (payment line appears in the "pending transactions" section of the Payments tab).
    Related funds are momentarily blocked by the merchant that will soon charge the card. Once charged, the payment line appears in the "payment of the month" section of the Payments tab. Otherwise, the related line will expire within 18 days.
  • "Available" : which corresponds to the amount available for making new requests of prepaid virtual cards, reloading physical prepaid cards, and reloading your subscription budgets at the beginning of the month.

☝️ There's always a padding of +2€/£/$ added on each card for security measures

If you click on "View my wallet details" you'll access a real-time detailed view of your wallet. You can also access it by clicking on "Settings" > "Your wallet".

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