Can I use Paypal with my Spendesk card?


On the merchant's site, simply choose to pay with Spendesk using Paypal - no need to connect to a Paypal account - and you can enter your card number to proceed to transaction.

☝️ Paypal may recognize that our cards are English prepaid cards and automatically switch currencies to GBP. If you're paying in a different currency from GBP, you might have to manually switch to the correct currency on Paypal. To switch currencies before completing your payment, click on ["Display Currencies Conversion"], select ["Convert"] with your card issuer currency, click on ["Accept" > "Confirm Payment"].

🤓 If you're using Paypal for the first time, they may require a 4-digit verification code. This code needs to be retrieved from our side, so get in touch via our in-app chat or at we'll forward it to you.

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