Setting up a Spending Policy

This feature is available for customers on our Standard plan. For more information about your price plan, ask your Administrator/Account Owner to look under [Settings > Settings and Billing].

A spending policy lets you control how much a member can spend in one transaction and in one month without any approval. Only account administrators (Account Owner or Administrator) can set it up.

🚨 The spending policy applies to requests for new virtual cards (available in the ["Requests"] tab) or to top-up requests for plastic cards (on top of or instead of your monthly budget).

There are two ways of setting up policies in Spendesk:

For each member:

  • - Under ["Settings" > "Members"], select a member.
  • - Click on ["Edit Profile"] then head down to the Policy Section
  • - Choose the right policy in the dropdown list.
  • - If none of the existing policies fits, choose ["Custom"] and manually enter the desired amount per transaction and desired amount per month.
More autonomy? Need more control?

If you'd like to give more flexibility to your coworkers, you can set a higher amount per transaction/month.

However, if you'd like to have more control over their spending, then set their policy to 0€ per transaction/month. In that instance, any request will have to be approved beforehand.

At the company level, for multiple individuals at a time: 

  • - Head over to ["Settings" > "Members" > "Policies"]
  • - Then, choose the name of your policy and edit the amount per transaction and per month.
  • - In addition, you can directly add members that you already know should follow this spending policy.
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