Invite and manage members

If you're the Account Owner or an Administrator, click on "Settings">"Members".

1️⃣ Invite colleagues on Spendesk

To do so, simply click on "Invite new members". The pop-up displays two ways of inviting members to join Spendesk, allowing you to invite one or multiple users at once. 

Either via email: add one members or several ones on Spendesk and add a custom welcome message if you feel like it! 

Invitees will be allocated by default:

  • a role - which can be combined with other roles once the invitation has been accepted
  • a team (that you can create prior to inviting members by clicking on the "Teams" tab)
  • a member's spending policy (that you can create prior to inviting members by clicking on the "Policies" tab)

Or by using a unique shareable link: to be sent to all your colleagues so that they sign into their Spendesk account with a Requester role, a default team and spending policy.

  • 👉 We offer you the possibility to restrain the invitation link to your domain name (e.g.
  • 🚨 If need to delete the shareable link for security reasons click on "Delete the link". The link that was previously shared will no longer be valid, you'll have to generate a new one and share it with your colleagues once again so that they can sign up on Spendesk. 

🤓 You'd like to invite your accountant? Invite him/her on Spendesk and give him/her a role of Controller only. If you'd like him/her to be able to make payments then give him the Requester role too. 

2️⃣ Manage members on Spendesk

Once the invitation has been accepted and new members have logged in, you will be able to manage members' information (first name, last name, mobile phone, role, team, policy) in the tab displayed under the "Members" section by clicking on a selected member, and then on "Edit profile".

📊 You can download a recap of all the members part of your Spendesk account by clicking on "Download your members list & activity" located at the top right corner of the tab.

☝️ Each member can modify his/her own profil information (first name, last name, mobile phone and email address) directly on their own Spendesk account in their Profile section (avatar > my profile).

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