Making a payment using a virtual card

To make a payment using a virtual card:

On Spendesk:

  • - In the Spendesk interface, click on [Requests]
  • - Then ["Make a New Request" > "Request a Virtual Card"]
  • - You can choose between a single-use card and a recurring payments card.
  • - Single-Use is self-explanatory: you will only use this type of card for a single payment.
  • - For more details about Recurring Payments card, see this article.

Confirm your request:

  • - Fill in the information related to your request
  • - When you're ready, click on [Confirm my request]
  • - Once you've successfully submitted your request, you may have to wait for an approval from a team member.
    • - You should receive an email notification once your request has been approved.

After your request is approved:

  • - Once your request has been approved, head back to the "Requests" tab.
  • - Click on [Get card].
  • - You should be able to pay online.
As soon as your payment has successfully been processed, the request disappears from the ["Requests"] tab and appears in your ["Payments"] tab. As long as the merchant does not charge the card, your payment will be marked as Pending. Click here to learn more about Pending Transactions.

Once your card is debited, the payment will automatically appear in your payments of the month section.

Always load a little more money:

Bear in mind that Spendesk cards are preloaded thus suppliers can only charge what's loaded on the card (no overdraft allowed). This is why you should always request a bit more money than what's will be charged in the end. Don't worry extra funds will be back on your main account following the transaction settlement by the merchant.

Approval needed:

We consider that using a subscription card engages the cardholder for quite a long time (valid for 4 years) and give them the ability to make multiple payments within a chosen budget that he can amend (increase or decrease accordingly). This is the reason why, irrespective of your individual spending policy, whenever you request a subscription card it needs to be approved.

Go even faster:

Download our Chrome extension: it allows you to generate a Spendesk card directly onto the merchant's website.

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