Make a payment using a virtual card

To make a payment using a virtual card:
  • Click on "new request" - you can choose between single purchase card and subscription one (recurring payments type) then fill out the required information within the request form.
  • You'll then have to wait for your manager to approve the request (depending on your spending policy / it's mandatory for subscription cards).
  • Once it's done, go back to your "Requests" tab and click on get card. You're now able to make online payments.
  • As soon as your payment is done the request disappears from this tab and appears in your "Payments" tab. As long as the merchant does not charge the card, your payment will stay in the "pending" section (18 days maximum).
  • Once debited, your payment will automatically appear in your payments of the month section.
🚨 Bear in mind that Spendesk cards are prepaid thus suppliers can only charge what's loaded on the card (no overdraft allowed). This is why you should always request a bit more money than what's will be charged in the end. Don't worry extra funds will be back on your main account following the transaction settlement by the merchant.
☝️ We consider that using a subscription card engages the cardholder for quite a long time (valid for 4 years) and give him/her the ability to make multiple payments within a chosen budget that he can amend (increase or decrease accordingly). This is the reason why, irrespective of your individual spending policy, whenever you request a subscription card it needs to be approved.
Don't forget to download the Chrome extension to pay even quicker online, allowing you to generate a Spendesk card directly onto the merchant's website - see video below 👇

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