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All about permissions

Spendesk's permissions are specific authorizations given by an Administrator or Account Owner to a member, irrespective of his/her role.

There are two kinds of authorizations at the team level:

  • A Team Manager can see all his/her team's payments
  • A Team Approver can approve all requests from his/her team according to his/her related thresholds.

If needed, one member can have both authorizations and be Team Manager and Team Approver for the same or for different teams.

Each member, part of a team, has a spending policy previously allocated by an Administrator or Account Owner. According to his/her spending policy (per transaction/per month), he'll get his/her requests approved by the right approver set up in his/her team.

☝️ These two permissions aren't to be confused with Spendesk roles that give access to specific features of the platform.

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