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All about Roles

Each Spendesk member has one or multiple roles which give him/her access to specific features on the platform:

  • The Account Owner has access to everything on the platform (he/she's the big boss)
  • The Administrator can set-up the account: he/she's able to change spending policies, team composition, invite users etc.
  • The Controller has access to all accounting features: he has access to all the company's payments, account balance, he's able to extract account statements, set-up accounting codes, send receipt reminders etc.
  • The Requester is only able to make payments

🤓 You can find out about your role and spending policy in your profile settings. 

It's important not to confuse these roles with specific authorizations given by either the Account Owner or Administrator to members, such as being a Team manager or a Team approver.

☝️ There's only one Account Owner per Spendesk account. The Account Owner can transfer his/her role (i.e. give up this role) to another member by clicking on his/her avatar (top right corner) > "My profile" > "Transfer your rights" > "Transfer your account/organisation ownership permanently".

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