Activate a plastic card

You've received your Spendesk plastic card? Here's how to activate it:


  • - After logging in, click on the ["Card"] tab.
  • - Click on the ["I received my card"] button.
  • - By default, you should receive your PIN via text message on your phone. If you haven't added your phone number, please make sure to complete your profile.


From the Spendesk mobile app

  • - Tap on the ["My Card"] tab.
  • - Follow the instructions on screen to activate your card. 
📱 Spendesk App

Don't forget to download the Spendesk mobile app!

It's free and makes it easier to retrieve your PIN code when needed, check your card balance, top-up your card, or block it if needed. You can easily attach your receipts and fill out payments' details while on the go!

💡 Admin rules:

If you're an Admin (Account Owner and/or Administrator), you can visualise and manage all your colleagues' cards by clicking on the ["Cards"] tab. You can also access your card by clicking on your avatar then on ["Plastic Card"].

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