How to cancel my Spendesk account?

Unfortunately, we can't offer an online option to close a Spendesk account because we need to ensure there aren't any pending transactions or any money still loaded on plastic and virtual cards. This is a necessary step to ensure that you get refunded with the right amount of money left on your wallet.

In order to close your Spendesk account, please get in touch with us:

  • - Email us at
  • - We will make sure that there aren't any pending transactions or money loaded on cards
  • - You can expect to receive a redemption form that you will need to fill, sign, and send back to us.
  • - This form will enable us to reimburse the amount remaining on your balance
  • - Once the account is empty, we can close it.

If you haven't transferred any money on to your account yet, you can contact us at and we will make sure to close the account on your behalf.

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