Understanding payments refused due to a wrong payment terminal mode by the merchant

Payment terminals on the merchant's end need to be configured according to a specific payment method. There are generally two modes available:

  • "Card Present" mode is a transaction made where the cardholder either enters their card into a payment terminal. The customer may need to use their PIN code, or swipe the card in the machine and sign the receipt.
  • "Card Not Present" mode is a transaction made where the cardholder is not physically present. This is the mode that should be set for most online purchases or purchases made over the phone, for example.
More info:

The "Card Present" mode is much more common amongst suppliers, since it's both cheaper and considered less risky than the "Card Not Present" one.

Don't forget:

When making a transaction with a Spendesk card, taking into account the specific security patterns that were set on these cards, you need to ask the merchant to select the "Card Not Present" mode instead of the "Card Present" one. Otherwise, the transaction is likely to fail!

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