My payment was refused because of a wrong payment terminal mode configured by the merchant. What happened?

When you proceed to a payment, the supplier will use a payment terminal that is configured according to a specific payment method. The terminal is configured by the merchant, according to a "card present" mode or a "card not present" one.

  • A card present mode is a transaction made where the cardholder either enters his card into a payment terminal with a PIN code typed in or swipe the card in it. 
  • A card not present mode is a transaction made where the cardholder doesn’t/can’t physically present the card for a merchant’s visual examination at the time of the transaction (by mail, over the telephone or Internet etc.).

☝️ The card present mode is commonly (and wrongly) configured by suppliers as it’s considered cheaper and less risky than the card not present one, with which the actual cardholder can’t be properly verified by the merchant who authorized the transaction.

🚨 When making a transaction with a Spendesk prepaid card, taking into account the specific security patterns that were set on these cards, a merchant should always choose card not present mode instead of a card present one, so that the transaction goes through. Otherwise, the transaction will unfortunately fail!

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