Step 2: Connecting and Setting Up Xero

If the "Connect" button isn't displayed under the "Accounting" tab, please reach out to the support team at so that we enable the Xero feature on your account.

Once enabled, you should be able to go through the steps outlined in this article to set up Xero with Spendesk in just a few minutes.

Before following the steps outlined in this article, please ensure that you've read the previous "Getting ready" article.


Log-in to Xero from Spendesk

In order to connect your Spendesk account to Xero, you first need to log in to Xero via Spendesk.

  • - Head over to the [Settings > Accounting] tab.
  • - Look for the 'Xero integration' section.
  • - Click on the [Connect to Xero] button.



Can't see the Connect to Xero button?

⚠️ If you can't see the button "Connect to Xero", please contact your account manager, or get in touch with our support team.

  • - After clicking on the button, you should be redirected to Xero.


  • - Fill-in your credentials
  • - Then, please select the organisation you'd like to connect to Spendesk:


  • - After a few seconds, you should be redirected to Spendesk, in the [Settings > Accounting] page again.

Choose the Spendesk bank account

  • - Once you've been redirected to Spendesk, please map the Spendesk bank account to its corresponding Xero account.


Did you map your Bank Fees Account?

⚠️ Don't forget to also map your Bank fees account, which we'll need when pushing payments that have foreign exchange fees.

Check your expense and VAT accounts

You can check that your expense accounts and VAT accounts have been properly retrieved from Xero.

In addition, it's always possible to synchronise these accounts again later if you ever need to.


The same goes for your VAT accounts (see below).

The "Push VAT information" toggle allows you to automatically fill your expenses' VAT information in Xero from Spendesk.


Sync your tracking categories

You can import and map your Xero tracking categories to your Spendesk analytical codes. You can also select values from your Xero tracking categories in Spendesk, and automatically have them attached to your expenses after pushing them to Xero.

⚠️ Please ask your account manager to enable this feature for you.

Here's a breakdown of all the available options:

  • - To activate this feature, switch on the "Use this option to sync your tracking categories..." toggle.
  • - Then, you can use the table below to map your Spendesk categories (on the left) to your Xero tracking categories (on the right).
  • - If you want to allow your employees to create values for these tracking categories in Spendesk, switch on the second "Create new tracking code..." option.
  • - These new values will then be pushed to Xero.
  • - In order to re-sync the tracking categories options from Xero, click on the "Refresh from Xero" button.



That's it for this section. If you followed each step carefully, you should be able to integrate with Xero successfully! Feel free to move [to the next section of this tutorial] to learn how to push your Spendesk expenses to Xero.

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