Connect and set up Xero

🔏 If the "Connect" button isn't displayed on your "Accounting" tab, reach out to the support team at so that we enable the Xero feature on your account. Once done, follow this article to set up Xero in minutes.

In only 3 steps, you can integrate all your related payments’ accounting data to your bookkeeping software!

First step: Xero interface

If you haven’t done so yet, create a bank account on Xero that represents your Spendesk wallet:

  • In your Xero software, click on "Account" > "Add a bank account" and type "Spendesk" then click on "add it anyway"

  • Fill out "Account Name" by typing in "Spendesk" and choose "Other" in "Account Type"

  • Fill out your Spendesk account number (optional) 

Second step: "Accounting" tab from Spendesk

Go back to your Spendesk account, click on "Settings" then "Accounting" and click on "connect to Xero"

  • Fill out the related "Spendesk bank account" by choosing "Spendesk" out of the drop-down menu

  • Click on the "Expense account" section and match Spendesk natures (default ones and yours) with your corresponding expense accounts from Xero.

Third step: "Payments" tab from Spendesk

Go to the "Payment" tab, assign the right spending nature by clicking on each payment ("To validate" section), then click on "push to Xero" ("To export" section). You can push one payment at a time or several ones by ticking the box on each payment line and click on the "push to Xero" button.

That’s a wrap! The pushed payments have created paid bills in Xero (paid by your Spendesk bank account in Xero) and related receipts were also imported into your bookkeeping software 😀   

👌 If you need to push to Xero a payment with a "lost" receipt, then it will be pushed as a complete payment rather than a draft bill

đŸ€“ Check out our dedicated article on how to push payments from Spendesk to Xero.

You're now ready to push transactions from Spendesk to Xero via your Payments tab (step 1 and step 2)đŸ€“

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