Why was my recurring payment declined?

If there isn't enough money on your recurring payments card, your payment may have been refused. In that case, we advise you to:

  • - Check that your current subscription plan isn't above the price set on the budget for your recurring payments card.
    • - If not, the payment will fail: Spendesk cards are preloaded, meaning you can only pay for transactions of less value then the funds loaded on the card.
  • - Check on your Subscriptions tab to see if the card was automatically reloaded properly, at the beginning of the month:
    • - If the on-screen gauge is displayed in green, it means that your card is sufficiently loaded according to your defined budget.
    • - If the on-screen gauge is red and no payment has been made that month, it means that your card wasn't automatically reloaded at the beginning of the month.
      • - In that case, please to click on the button that reads ["Reload your card"].


Keep an eye on your emails:

In case of low balance on your card, Spendesk will automatically notify you via email.

If your subscription payments failed for other reasons, please refer to the dedicated article regarding "Refused payments".

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