Add cost centers and custom fields to my export

In order to better analyse your expense, you can add one (or more) cost center(s) / custom field(s) to requests and payments.

  • You can choose to add the field in the request form, it will be filled out by the requesters when they make payments in addition with the fields "description", "amount" and "supplier". 
    ☝️This field will be displayed post-payment when using your Spendesk plastic card on your mobile app.
  • Otherwise, the field will appear in the "Payments" tab once the payment has been made and will have to be filled out accordingly.

This field can be anything from "analytical code", "project name", "client name", billable" or whatever your business needs to better track your company's payments!

This information will be reported in a new column in your .csv payment export.

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