Reloading a recurring card

At the beginning of each month, Spendesk automatically reloads both your recurring payments cards and your plastic cards. This ensures that any card will be sufficiently funded according to your pre-defined monthly budget.

If, for any reason, your Spendesk account was too low to sufficiently fund some of your subscriptions and budgets, you will have to add more money on to your account. Once you do, the subscriptions and budgets will be updated and funded almost instantly.

Seeing a red banner?

If a red banner appears on your subscription page, it means that we weren't able to reload your cards at the beginning of the month because there wasn't enough money on your account to allow it.

Recurring payments cards > Physical cards

By default, all cards will be reloaded, with a priority given to Recurring Payments cards over Physical ones.

Good to know:

If you increase your budget, only the increased amount will be loaded until the beginning of the following month when the budget will be reloaded.

👉 Add funds to your account.

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