Set up my accounting codes

This article is oriented towards Account Admins and Controllers.

Set up the accounting codes of your basic accounts

  • - Head over to ["Settings > Accounting"]
  • - You should be able to add your own accounting codes for your Spendesk bank account, your company bank account, and the bank account used to fund Spendesk.

Assigning expense accounts to accounting codes 

You can choose amongst two types of expense accounts that you'll be able to match with your accounting codes:

  • - Default expense account names, based on Mastercard merchant's classification. These are created to be automatically allocated to the accounting codes of the related payments.
  • - Otherwise, you can choose to either replace or add your own expense account names. To do so, click on ["Create custom expense account"] and match your custom expense accounts with the corresponding accounting codes.
Good to know:

You can switch between expense accounts types (Default or Custom) by turning the left button to green ("on") or grey ("off"). You can also delete your own expense accounts by clicking on the 🗑 icon.

Edit expense accounts for existing payments

Expense accounts are allocated to payments that have already been made. They can only be changed by a "Controller" or an "Account Owner" in the ["Payments"] tab.

There are two ways to allocate expense accounts:

  • Automatically
    • - If you're using the Default expense account names, you can automatically allocate expense accounts.
  • Manually
    • - If you're using your own expense account names, you will have to allocate your expense accounts manually on each payment.

You can use your payment inbox to edit and validate payments' information and related expense accounts. You can even use the bulk-edit option to go even faster, or use a filter to outline specific payments based on your chosen criteria.


Coming soon:

We are working on a new feature to automatically match your own expense accounts to your payments, without the need to match them manually every time. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Exporting your payments in a purchase journal

With Spendesk, you can easily export your account statements in a .csv or .pdf format:

  • - from ["Payments">"To validate"]
  • - or from your "Wallet" tab
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