Download my account statements and receipts

You can export your company expenses from Spendesk in two different ways.

1️⃣ From your wallet tab

☝️If you activated the Payment Inbox feature, you can download the bank journal and attached receipts from "Your wallet" tab while the purchase journal can only be downloaded - alongside the bank journal and attached receipts - from the "Payments" tab (see point 2).

  • Go to "Settings" > "Your wallet" 
  • Choose your export format (.csv or .pdf) by clicking on the arrow located nearby "download options" and tick the box to select if you'd like to export receipts as well
  • Choose the month you want to export and click on "Download" in the main tab

📊 Within Excel, you might need to change the export display: click on Data > Text to Columns > click on next (select "semicolon", "tab", "space" for delimiters) keep on clicking next > click on finish!

🤓 Do not forget to set-up your expense accounts (bank, fx fees, expense, VAT etc.) from settings>accounting so that accounting codes are displayed in the purchase journal accordingly. 

2️⃣ From your Payments tab

✨ Specifically designed for the Account Owner and Controllers, the Payment Inbox feature gives you the ability to both validate and export your payments from Spendesk. It includes a purchase and a bank journal alongside attached receipts.

All tabs that relates to the Payment Inbox such as "To validate" > "To export" > "Exported" are only visible to the Account Owner and Controllers. The sub tab "all" is visible by everyone.

☝️ Make the most out of the filter to edit and/or download specific payments according to chosen criteria. To do so, select the filters (i.e. period, supplier, payer etc.) located on the right side of the search bar, select your payments and click on "Download/edit payments".


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