Downloading your account statements and receipts

For all users and requesters

At any point, every Spendesk user can download a .csv spreadsheet which contains their selected payments as well as the attached receipts.

To download your own list of payments and receipts:

  • - Log in to your Spendesk account.
  • - Look under the ["Payments"] tab.
  • - Select the payments you're interested in exporting.
  • - Click on the ["Download"] button.
  • - A .ZIP archive file should download to your computer.


  • Open it and you should find:
  • - Your Bank Journal, 
  • - Your Purchases Journal,
  • - Any receipt you've added to Spendesk to justify your payments
  • - A personalized account statement to recap all your payments made with Spendesk.

You can watch the video below to see how to export your payments:

Exporting Payments (Requester)


For account owners and controllers

The Payment Inbox feature allows you to both validate and export your payments from Spendesk. It includes a purchase and a bank journal alongside attached receipts.

To export your account statements and receipts.:

From the ["Wallet"] tab

  • - Log in to your Spendesk account.
  • - Head over to the ["Settings"] tab.
  • - Click on the ["Your wallet"] sub-tab.
  • - Scroll down to the "Account Statement" section.
  • - From there, you can download a monthly statement which contains all payments in a given month, along with a copy of all receipts.
  • - Note that you can choose between different file formats: PDF, CSV, XLS, and XLSX.

From the ["Payments"] tab

  • - Log in to your Spendesk account.
  • - Look under the ["Payments"] tab.

You will notice a breakdown between payments marked as To Validate, payments To Export, Exported payments, or All your payments.

  • - You can head over to [All] or to the [Exported] sub-tab, and manually select the payments you'd like to download.
  • - Then, click on the [Download] button to download a .ZIP archive with the necessary elements.
Using filters:

Make the most out of the filter to edit and/or download specific payments according to your chosen criteria. To do so, select the filters (i.e. period, supplier, payer etc.) located on the right side of the search bar, select your payments and click on "Download/edit payments".

About Expense Accounts:

Don't forget to set-up your expense accounts (bank, fx fees, expense, VAT etc.) from settings>accounting so that accounting codes are displayed in the purchase journal accordingly.

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